Archived story #4 The Pathologist

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The Pathologist
By Daniel Brown

The pathologist looked at the corpse laid out on the table, neatly dissected with the internal organs properly positioned. He approved of the spotlessness of the lungs, the lack of inflammation or fatty tissue around the liver. It was obvious to his experienced eye that this young woman had enjoyed a clean, healthy existence. He had no doubt that stomach contents and toxicology would come back clear. He stripped off his apron, gloves and scrubs. His erection growing as he left his victims kitchen, he admired his work once more, certain the media were right to christen him the pathologist.


4 responses to “Archived story #4 The Pathologist

  1. This is a drabble. I wanted a little time to myself around Christmas, so wanted to write something really short. Like all stories of it’s nature, it’s a bit show off-ish, but sometimes you just want to be a smart arse. 😉

    Something this short doesn’t really warrant is a PDF, without artwork and so on to go along with it. I can’t draw for toffee, so this one may take a while…

    ***Edited for typos***

  2. Again, short, but sweet in a very creepy way!

  3. I always knew there was more to you than met the eye 😉

    I mean – what a thoroughly well thought out creation of a character 😀

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