Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

Wow! That procrastination toolkit really worked…

Hello again, to anyone that happens to stop by. I’ve been busy beavering away writing stuff, not all of it unreadable drivel. (I know! Shocking, isn’t it?) I’ve moved on from my, by now habitually unsuccesful, attempts to write an “adult” story for a little while; working on the assumption that if a story temporarily beats me, I should go and dominate another one while I gird my loins for a rematch. (Yes folks, writing is MACHO.) Also I’ve been reaquainting myself with the delight that is Sugarpuffs™, but that’s an entirely different issue.

During that time, it’s occured to me that I may be neglecting the two or three people who happen to look at my page regularly. I apologise most profusely. I promise to make it up to you by posting a new story at Some Point Very Soon™. If you’re really lucky, this one might not be constructed entirely out of suck. (Yes, Archived fiction #2 – Redcap. I’m looking at you.)

I shall be posting again later, after I’ve watched the UK premier of Stargate: Universe, whereupon I shall be squeeing in the throes of a Nerdgasm/simmering with barely suppressed NerdRage (delete as applicable). See you all later. To keep you all busy until then, go here and COWER IN FEAR, PUNY MORTAL!!/Chuckle at the cute cosmic horror…

Link to a truly awesome page.