The Twelve Days of Halloween, part ten

On the tenth day of Halloween, my true love gave to meeeeeeeee,

Ten Ghosts a-haunting,

Ten Ghosts a-haunting.

Nine witches dancing,

Nine witches dancing

Eight Mummies moaning,

Eight Mummies moaning.

Seven Vampires sucking,

Seven Vampires sucking.

Six Ghouls a-slaying,

Six Ghouls a-slaying.



Four crawling bugs,

Four crawling bugs.

Three chopped heads,

Three chopped heads.

Two zombie brides,

Two Zombie Brides.

And a Cthulhu who’s soft and fuuuuurrryyy.

The Great Cthulhu.

4 responses to “The Twelve Days of Halloween, part ten

  1. Nice work Mr G


    And I am in no way merely a stooge for my wife’s diabolical schemes

  2. Absolutely not! You are of course, here under your free will and commenting of your own volition. Much like the shopping trip I “chose” to acompany my wife on yesterday.

    I’m beginning to think I may regret telling someone with energy that I’d sing it on youtube if I got enough comments.

    Ok, strictly speaking, I mean that everyone else may regret my singing it on youtube, but you know…

  3. I’m beginning to think some people may have thought I was merely joking and/or setting some kind of trap with my call to arms 😀

  4. Ten Ghosts a-haunting: “Hide and seek just isn’t as fun as it used to be……..”

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