The horror will be unending…

My little challenge to the regular readers of this page (Yes, both of you) has been met and matched. Twenty comments by five or more people, spread over the length of the Carol so far. This is thanks in no small part to “Sooky”, who’s determination to hear me sing in public was both endearing and terribly, terribly naive, after all I know what I sound like and she – poor child – has yet to learn. However, a bet is a bet and I’ll performing my carol in full and a capella later this afternoon or tonight, depending on how busy my afternoon turns out to be.

You have been warned…

3 responses to “The horror will be unending…

  1. I am evilnesses-es(?) >:-D

    And also just a teencey bit competetive when it comes to challenges 😀

    *my heartfelt apologies to your fairer half for any trauma and suffering she may be subjected to in the coming hours 😛 😉

  2. I have faith. I think this could be quite good. I can’t wait!
    Especially for the moaning mummies and howling werewolves…

  3. The video has been recorded, I’m just waiting for the very slow youtube upload to be completed and I’ll post it. You poor unfortunate souls…

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