The Twelve Days of Halloween, part eleven

On the eleventh day of Halloween, my true love gave to meeeeeeeee,

Eleven Werewolves howling,

Ten Ghosts a-haunting,

Ten Ghosts a-haunting.

Nine witches dancing,

Nine Witches dancing.

Eight Mummies moaning,

Eight Mummies moaning.

Seven Vampires sucking,

Seven Vampires sucking.

Six Ghouls a-slaying,

Six Ghouls a-slaying.



Four crawling bugs,

Four crawling bugs.

Three chopped heads,

Three chopped heads.

Two zombie brides,

Two Zombie Brides.

And a Cthulhu who’s soft and fuuuuurrryyy.

The Great Cthulhu.


6 responses to “The Twelve Days of Halloween, part eleven

  1. Many thanks are due to “Sooky”, for giving me a cockroach gag at long, LONG last.

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Thank you sweety 🙂

  3. onion scraping is cool, just thought u shud all know

  4. Yep, let’s be having your dulcit tones immortalised on the interweb please Gum Gum!

    The ‘Mod-Sta’

  5. Zombie brides brought me back from the dead!!!!!!!

  6. Eleven Werewolves howling: “Werewolf?”
    “There wolf….there castle!” 😀

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