You all brought this on yourselves!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments over the course of the Halloween carol, I was forced into making a youtube video of myself singing the carol. Here it is. I accept no responsibility for anything.

!!!WARNING!!!  – Singing voice is extremely bad!

4 responses to “You all brought this on yourselves!

  1. What a lovely singing voice you have!

  2. “Lovely” is a fine word. A word of great heritage and usefulness in everyday life. Lovely is also the name of a kingdom created by Danny Wallace, in a forlorn, though entertaining, attempt to spawn a successful television show…

    One thing “lovely” is not, is a suitable adjective to use to describe my singing voice. There are several more suitable alternatives, most of them preceded with violent swear words, in order to provide emphasis.

    I’ve been contacted by the U.N. and asked not to do it again, so thankfully there’ll be no repeat performances.

  3. Nobody listens to the U.N. anymore! Your public demands an encore!

    By the way, have I mentioned that I’m partially deaf?


    And, apparantly, his fully functioning, metallic, erectile attachment……………..

    I need saner dreams

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