Link update

Regular visitor to this blog Jake, has recently changed his working prctices regarding his ongoing web comic “The master of his domain” and it now has a site all of it’s own which is named, appropriately enough, “the master of his domain”. The links on the side have been updated accordingly. Anyone who visits here who hasn’t checked it out already really should do so. He’s very talented and deserves many page views and comments.

4 responses to “Link update

  1. Aw, shucks Dan! Simply put, you rule!

    And I will update more often now, I swear!

  2. I put it to you, my distinguished friend, that – while Dan may indeed ‘rule’ – he does, also, as one may put it, ‘drool’

    I thank you!


  3. I have no objection to people drooling over me… I mean, my work! Yes, my work…

  4. Drooling’s not so bad – it’s the dripping and subsequent wet patch that’s a bitch!

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