Old dudes sing messed up lyrics. Fact!

Last night I listened to some Aerosmith for the first time in quite a while. Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing was one of the tracks. That line at the beginning? The one about laying awake to watch her dreaming? All you budding lotharios out there, take heed of your uncle Daniel. Don’t do that; seriously, just don’t. That’s some creepy shit, right there. As for kissing her eyes… Really? What were they thinking? “Hey baby, I love you so much that I’m gonna give you pink-eye.”? Anyway, the woman’s asleep, you shouldn’t be kissing any part of her, let alone her ocular cavities. Being woken suddenly to find a fish lipped O.A.P. looming over you is enough to give anyone a start. I’m just saying, that’s all.


4 responses to “Old dudes sing messed up lyrics. Fact!

  1. I’d say it’s possible to wake up with worse than that in your eye.

  2. You mean stray hairs, right? PLEASE SAY YOU MEAN STRAY HAIRS! The mental images otherwise are putting me off my food…

  3. For the sake of your distressed appetite, yes, I mean stray hairs!

    Although I do not actually mean stray hairs…

  4. Just thought I’d inform you that you and Sooky have now officially made it into the Domain!

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