Fun with Google: Further adventures in WTF?!

Earlier today, I had some problems getting AVI video files to run on my PS3. Being the rabid hater of customer service helplines that I am, I immediately turned to Google to help with my problem. The search term I was inputting was “why won’t my PS3 play AVI files”, find below what Google in its infinite wisdom thought I might be looking for answers about…

(Click to magnify)

And if I did, that would be the least of my worries!

I don't even HAVE a parakeet...

I can’t even make any sarcastic remarks about it, my mind is still boggling too hard.


5 responses to “Fun with Google: Further adventures in WTF?!

  1. That’s some crazy shit 😉

  2. On that subject, I don’t know about parakeets, but my old dog (who I used to let lick my face) was known to eat many strange things – wasps, stones, whatever the hell it was our Jamaican neighbour brought round that time. Although I never saw any evidence for it, the thought now occurs…

    Oh God…

  3. It’s gone very quiet again here. Hope I didn’t go too far over line, knowing how queasy you are Dan! 🙂

    To lighten the tone, here’s some funky shit!

  4. Nope, not queasy. Just annoyingly restricted in internet usage while some work has been going on to the phone lines where I live.

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