Daily Archives: March 10, 2010

Link pimping.

Once again, I pipe up from mostly silence in order to big up the work of others.

Please go to Weirdzville, for your edifaction, gratification, illumination and… um… diversification? Anyway, go there and enjoy what looks like becoming a very strange and surreal webcomic experience. Be sure and subscribe, so you can get your Weirdzville fix quickly.

Sidenote: I know what the people who write and draw Weirdzville are capable of doing and the multitude of art and storytelling forms they can do it in. The look of the comic is very much an aesthetic choice and anyone who complains about “weird drawing” will be on the receiving end of a severe glowering at. For real. I’ll come to your house and stare through the windows in stern disapproval. I’ll even buy half-moon glasses, just to stare over the top of them in patriarchal disappointment.