Link pimping.

Once again, I pipe up from mostly silence in order to big up the work of others.

Please go to Weirdzville, for your edifaction, gratification, illumination and… um… diversification? Anyway, go there and enjoy what looks like becoming a very strange and surreal webcomic experience. Be sure and subscribe, so you can get your Weirdzville fix quickly.

Sidenote: I know what the people who write and draw Weirdzville are capable of doing and the multitude of art and storytelling forms they can do it in. The look of the comic is very much an aesthetic choice and anyone who complains about “weird drawing” will be on the receiving end of a severe glowering at. For real. I’ll come to your house and stare through the windows in stern disapproval. I’ll even buy half-moon glasses, just to stare over the top of them in patriarchal disappointment.


4 responses to “Link pimping.

  1. Furthermore, the style is likely to constantly change. Mainly due to the fact that we often need to change how we do things in order to achieve what it is we wish to do. In fact, one of teh characters main attributes is going to be the constant change of thier entire look. SO keep up with that 😛

    Also, you have just helped us come up with a way in which to justify the placing of something we wanted to put into it but didn’t know how or where, so thanks for that. The scene will also involve a subtley different ‘returning’ character inspired by your post, so stay tuned 😉

    Oh, and thanks for the ‘big up’

  2. If anyone is in doubt about the artistic ability of maelstroms “omatic” and “omarium”, they need only look here. Absolutely beautiful work.

    • Oh she’s going to love you for that 🙂

      Now may be a time to point out then for you to also pay close attention to the details in future episodes of Weirdzville 😉

      I am unsure when exactly what I refer to will appear, but keep watching/reading/whatever the correct term is.

  3. Now that has me intrigued!

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