Good grief! It’s like I’ve never been away…

Hello again. Life’s been a bit all over the place of late, but things are beginning to settle down a bit. A few general updates of what I’ve been up to… Real life stuff, which I’m not going to post about publicly because, well frankly anyone could read this.

I’ve also done a couple of online things, namely over at a web forum called DreamWorlds, I’ve posted a new story. A quasi-mythological “fable” with a pre-Celtic feel to it. That distant grinding sound you hear, is Robert Holdstock slowly turning in his grave. Go to DreamWorld via this link: sign up, because the story is in a members only area, then read it here: and tell me how much I’ve trampled on Mr Holdstock’s tradition of story telling. Then go back, look around and join in, because they really are a lovely bunch of people. In time, I may run it here as well, but for now I’m going to leave it over at DreamWorlds because it’s a lovely community and they deserve as many new sign ups as possible.

In other news, I’ve begun a football blog, which can be found here: If you’re interested in the beautiful game, then head on over, read my ruminations, then disagree vociferously in the comments.

Remember folks, sign up to DreamWorlds. They need the input of creative people and I know that everyone who reads this is a creative type as well.


3 responses to “Good grief! It’s like I’ve never been away…

  1. So, this is a blog! Hmm, might get one myself if I can find a few minutes in my life have one!
    Nicce Blog, by the way!
    Once I get some time I’ll be in to your footie site, as a girl (ok woman) I love my Arsenal! Hope there won’t be too many anti Gunners there!
    Will read your stuff a little later. As you know I love my Vikings (see Dream-Worlds) so your pre Celtic ideas should suit me nicely!
    On behalf of Jano, thanks for the Dream Worlds plug!

  2. Where was this website again? lol
    Seriously, thanks for spreading the word Danny! We’re growing slow but strong, especially with genuinely talented and very original writers like yourself posting on there.
    This story is on a new Celtic Myths and Legends forum which is still under construction so not yet public, but will be opening soon with loose and more immersive roleplay alongside themed discussions and games. Anyone who’s a fan (of anything really – atm it’s Arda, Discworld and the Bean Sidhe and King Arthur etc) but we’ll add more if enough people want them).
    Come read this folks! Danny’s a great writer and we need more so he doesn’t exhaust himself and burn out! 😉

  3. Cool. I shall check that out later on.

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