The Joy of Sects

It’s a bit of a literary fetish of mine, but I love stories that feature clubs and secret societies. I’ve never been able to figure out why, but I go all gooey when I read one. Whether it’s the ultra cheesy pulp adventure of Dennis Wheatley and his Duke de Richleau stories, the hints and references to occult societies in the work of H.P. Lovecraft, the bizarre secret society in Christopher Fowler’s Roofworld, the many different cults and societies in China Miéville’s Kraken as well as countless other stories and novels, which are far too many to list here.

I think what I enjoy most about stories with cults, clubs and secret societies in them is that, the other Dan Brown’s novels excepted, you almost feel like part of a secret society or club yourself when you find them. The stories are strange, esoteric, and often quaintly outdated – in modern examples, deliberately so. This appeals to me greatly, in this age of over sharing and putting more of yourself into the public domain than ever before.

Make sure to check out the below example of a secret society in action.


One response to “The Joy of Sects

  1. I used to like the Syndicate from The X-Files, if only for the bizarre names, “Cigarette Smoking Man” a.k.a. “Cancer Man”, “Well Manicured Man”, the First through Fourth “Elders”, “Deep Throat”, “X” and “Quiet Willy” being some of my favourites.

    I’d say your definitely not alone there, we all love a good conspiracy. Secrets are alluring enough on their own, but when you factor in shadowy individuals actively trying to insure secrets remain a secret, that just makes them sexier. And on the subject of the whole public domain ethos of the modern age, one wonders how the Illuminati have managed to evade Wikileaks so far. Well, I wonder at least.

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