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Pimping Ain’t Easy (links to the good stuff)

Actually, strike that. It’s supremely simple. Ahhhh yeah. Who loves you?

Read about fantasy here:
Talk about it here:
All things cult and genre:
Provide encouragement and support to another aspiring writer:
Buy things from same aspiring writer: (which I shall be doing, just as soon as my credit card stops whimpering and crying from the beating it took at Christmas. I have my eye on the beehive pincushion.)
He keeps being more talented and prolific than me, but I’ll still link to him in the hope I can cling to his coattails when he makes it big ;): &
Laugh your arse off:
Snigger and be grateful you aren’t a baker:
Another aspiring writer (we tend to cluster together, like penguins):
A very talented artist indeed, hopefully one with a big future:

That’s right, Daddy loves you… Now go make Daddy some money!

Good grief! It’s like I’ve never been away…

Hello again. Life’s been a bit all over the place of late, but things are beginning to settle down a bit. A few general updates of what I’ve been up to… Real life stuff, which I’m not going to post about publicly because, well frankly anyone could read this.

I’ve also done a couple of online things, namely over at a web forum called DreamWorlds, I’ve posted a new story. A quasi-mythological “fable” with a pre-Celtic feel to it. That distant grinding sound you hear, is Robert Holdstock slowly turning in his grave. Go to DreamWorld via this link: sign up, because the story is in a members only area, then read it here: and tell me how much I’ve trampled on Mr Holdstock’s tradition of story telling. Then go back, look around and join in, because they really are a lovely bunch of people. In time, I may run it here as well, but for now I’m going to leave it over at DreamWorlds because it’s a lovely community and they deserve as many new sign ups as possible.

In other news, I’ve begun a football blog, which can be found here: If you’re interested in the beautiful game, then head on over, read my ruminations, then disagree vociferously in the comments.

Remember folks, sign up to DreamWorlds. They need the input of creative people and I know that everyone who reads this is a creative type as well.

Link pimping.

Once again, I pipe up from mostly silence in order to big up the work of others.

Please go to Weirdzville, for your edifaction, gratification, illumination and… um… diversification? Anyway, go there and enjoy what looks like becoming a very strange and surreal webcomic experience. Be sure and subscribe, so you can get your Weirdzville fix quickly.

Sidenote: I know what the people who write and draw Weirdzville are capable of doing and the multitude of art and storytelling forms they can do it in. The look of the comic is very much an aesthetic choice and anyone who complains about “weird drawing” will be on the receiving end of a severe glowering at. For real. I’ll come to your house and stare through the windows in stern disapproval. I’ll even buy half-moon glasses, just to stare over the top of them in patriarchal disappointment.

Further link pimping

For today’s first post, an addition to the list of blogs I shall be frequenting on a regular basis. There’ll also be a permanent link in the sidebar, if for some mad reason you don’t bookmark the page as soon as you get there. A blog by two very talented,  very creative people. Jonathan and Wendy Sinclair. A young couple with (hopefully) very bright futures ahead of them. Linking to them is my pleasure. Find there poetry, cartoon and anime artworks and ocasional short stories. I would say “enjoy”, but I think the exhortation is unnecessary.

Pimpage of linkage

Yes, neither of those words are real words, but you know what? Neither is “gullible”, go ahead and Google it, English language bullies.

Anyway, there are new links in the side bar. They will lead you to the following sites… Written by a (so far, I’m still going through the archive) anonymous woman. Find there poetry and general musings on life. I’ve only read one entry so far, but it made me laugh like a drain. This is always a good thing. The blog of U.K. based American writer of thrillers, Meg Gardiner. As the URL would imply.

All three are well worth a visit and make enjoyable additions to any RSS feed.

Blog traffic confuses me.

In a fit of boredom (and yes, I’ll admit it, ego) I decided to check out my blog’s stats. I was wondering how many people were viewing my site and which posts were the most popular. I have to admit to being a little surprised by the results. The top five posts are as follows…






The only one of the few pieces of original fiction I’ve posted here so far came in at number six.  Why should these particular posts be so favoured compared to the others I’ve made? I haven’t the foggiest idea. I think number three on the list was quite fun to write, but I have no clue as to why the others are amongst the most popular. My favourite posts are all of my fiction posts (except Redcap, which sucks like a black hole), the post about stuff I’m too old to still be doing and the post about Father Dowling.

As far as I can tell, the internet likes cheery hellos, people singing really badly, pictures of werewolves, snark and websites that act as time sinks. Considering my sarcastic nature, love of procrastination and dreadful singing voice I’m well placed to become the next internet superstar. I can only post an introductory message once and I can’t draw worth a damn, so I’m not in the best position to capitalise on those things. Maybe I should hire a “ghost artist” and create a bunch of sock puppet “guest bloggers” to give a cheery greeting? Then I shall rule the internet! MWU-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!1!!!!one!!*

*At least until the tenth dan masters of blog fu that are Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi smite me for my impudence. Until that point, my evil laugh remains valid and I shall stroke my goatee beard in a menacing manner to prove it.

Link update

Regular visitor to this blog Jake, has recently changed his working prctices regarding his ongoing web comic “The master of his domain” and it now has a site all of it’s own which is named, appropriately enough, “the master of his domain”. The links on the side have been updated accordingly. Anyone who visits here who hasn’t checked it out already really should do so. He’s very talented and deserves many page views and comments.

A procrastinator’s internet toolkit

Consisting of…


Questionable Content. (Web comic, with little to no content of a questionable nature. Start from page one, or nothing will make sense.)

The above linked sites are just some of the reasons I do far less writing than I should. Hopefully, those amateur procrastinators out there will find this list to be a suitable starting point for their own adventures in work avoidance.


This is why I think looking for radio signals from aliens is a tad optimistic.

Randall Munroe nails it. Again.

Image courtesy of reproduced under a CC by-nc 2.5 license