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So… Today is Monday, right?

I know, I know. I said I’d be back inside the Series Of Tubes™ on Monday, but I got delayed unavoidably. I’d like to tell you it was because of some kind of personal crisis or something. That would make for great drama and I’d get lovely wishes of things working out soon from regular readers… However, this is not what happened. What happened is Fallout 3. If it was legal (or indeed possible) to marry a video game, I would do so and polygamy laws be damned! I make no excuses, beyond the fact that until you’ve turned a Super Mutant from a rampaging green-skinned horror into a smoking pile of ash with the Firelance, you’ve never known true happiness.

Going offline for the weekend. See you on Monday.

This is a brief update to let folks know that I’ll be going offline for the remainder of this week (It’s been a stressful one, a rest is needed.). I’ll be back online on Monday, but until then there shall be a deathly silence from this blog for a few days. If I was cleverer than I am, I would have written some stuff before now and scheduled it for publication, but you know what? I never thought of it until just now and it’s too late for that. So enjoy the prolonged silence from me over the weekend and in the meantime, go to an amazing place I found. I’m sure there’s at least a weekend’s worth of amusement to be had therein…

Nic Cage as Everyone


Just checking out the new twitter connection thingy that I’ve added. Feel free to ignore this post completely. I won’t be offended, I promise.

Administrative notes about the license my work is attributed under.

As you can see from clicking the license link which my stories are be accompanied by, I publish my writing under the most restrictive of CC licenses. Despite this, there is a circumstance under which I’m OK with people altering the work from it’s original form. This is the case of translation into languages other than English. In the unlikely event that someone finds something I write to be good enough to be worth translating into another language, I’m totally cool with that. Of course, the usual attribution rules apply, although I’m more than happy for the translator to add their own name to the by-line as “translated by”; naturally enough. Any further alterations will be dealt with on an ad hoc basis, if and when a permission is sought.