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Pimpage of linkage

Yes, neither of those words are real words, but you know what? Neither is “gullible”, go ahead and Google it, English language bullies.

Anyway, there are new links in the side bar. They will lead you to the following sites…

http://mostlikelyoffensive.wordpress.com/ Written by a (so far, I’m still going through the archive) anonymous woman. Find there poetry and general musings on life.

http://anopenlettertoeverythingiknow.wordpress.com/ I’ve only read one entry so far, but it made me laugh like a drain. This is always a good thing.

http://meggardiner.wordpress.com/ The blog of U.K. based American writer of thrillers, Meg Gardiner. As the URL would imply.

All three are well worth a visit and make enjoyable additions to any RSS feed.